Our Mission

With our brand, our goal is to work towards a more sustainable future, for future generations to enjoy the same beautiful coast lines that we do! Keeping our energy close to home, we have partnered up with the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program to help fund the creation and deployment of Vertical Oyster Gardens (VOGs) in an effort to help promote clean waterways and rich sea life in the Sun Coast. 1% of each of your purchases goes directly towards creating a new habitat for oysters to grow, filter water, and improve the health of our waterways! 

30 VOGs deployed. Help us reach our goal of creating and deploying 100 VOGs by January 2025

Vertical oyster Gardens


Vertical Oyster Gardens, or VOGs, are recycled oyster shells strung together to hang below docks. VOGs add habitat to our bays for important creatures like oysters, crabs, shrimps and other critters.

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Sarasota Bay Estuary Program


The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP) works with its partners, local scientists, and residents to manage and improve water quality and natural resources, restore wildlife and fisheries habitats, and increase community engagement in bay restoration efforts.

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